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The ACH Debit Payment is a simple three step process:
1. Enter the Employer Number and Contact Information
2. Enter the Bank Account Data and Amount
3. Review and Confirm the ACH Debit Payment.

The minimum payment amount is five ($5.00) dollars.

Please avoid using the browser back button to prevent having to start over or causing a duplicate ACH Debit Payment.

ACH Debit Payment

The ACH Debit Payment may be used by employers to submit funds to the Vermont Department of Labor. These payments will be applied from the oldest quarter to the most recent, in the following order per quarter:
  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) Contributions
  • UI Interest
  • UI Penalties
  • UI Fees
  • Misclassification Penalties
  • Health Care (HC) Contributions
  • HC Interest
  • HC Penalties
  • HC Fees
Click Next or press Enter to begin. Click Cancel at any point to start the Request over.

State of Vermont Department of Labor