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Welcome to the Vermont Department of Labor Internet C-101 Quarterly Wage and Contribution Reporting System.

You can report up to 250 employees using this on-line application. Large employers and 3rd party/payroll services, see below.

We have endeavored to create a system that is easy to understand and will save employer's valuable time in submitting their quarterly unemployment information. Some of these features include the ability to upload your quarterly information to our system if, you have compatible software.

Otherwise, we will list your employees' SS#s, names, and other data currently on record so you need only supply the current quarterly wage amounts for each employee(s). You must enter all information for any new employees not previously reported. The program will calculate the excess and taxable wages for you and provide you with the amount of unemployment tax due. You may also submit payment by EFT.

Large employers with more then 250 employees must complete and submit C-29A Large Employer Application and Payroll/3rd Party Services the C-29 3rd Party Application.